About Us

Our Story

When Ode To Gardening was founded in 2022 by experienced gardener Ursula Carson, her goal was simple – celebrate gardening and make it as accessible to others as possible. She wanted to create a website with all the gardening information and inspiration one would ever need. “It starts as a passion project, but in the near future I’m hopeful we can build it into something truly extraordinary,” Ursula said when the site was launched. “I’m grateful the technology is available that allows us to share our love of gardening with the world.”

Since then, the team has been growing with like-minded gardeners and content staff who share Ursula’s enthusiasm to make OdeToGardening.com a favourite among gardeners everywhere.

Our Team

Ursula Carson


Ursula Carson is the founder and CEO of Ode To Gardening. She brings almost 4 decades of gardening and horticultural experience with her, having dedicated most of her personal and professional life to her passion. Ursula specialises in growing ornamental plants.

Favorite Gardens: Cottage Style

Claud Kane

Contributer & Reviewer

Claud is a garden and landscape designer with over 20 years experience. He has designed every type of outdoor space imaginable and has featured many show gardens at various events, including at prestigious flower shows in the UK.

Favorite Gardens: Eco-Friendly

Eliza West

Senior Editor & Content Director

Eliza is the senior editor and content director at Ode To Gardening. She is an experienced digital media professional, having worked in the industry for almost 10 years. Before joining Ode To Gardening, she worked as a consultant for various non-profit organisations.

Favorite Gardens: Container Gardens

Eduardo Brooks


Eduardo is a recent university graduate and our resident content writer who has a passion for all things gardening. In his spare time Eduardo often visits local botanical gardens to learn more about different types of plants and flowers.

Favorite Gardens: Zen Gardens